Friday, April 24, 2015

Alex is One!

Turning one has suddenly made Alex in to a big boy! He's no baby, no longer! He's huge. He wears almost entirely 18 month clothing, especially for length.

 But he's still my baby!

 Alex loves to play piano and will reach and reach until he can just get the keys. He loves to sit and plunk away on the keys.
 Sometimes he gets a little stuck!

He pulls up on everything (just to his knees for now) and opens and shuts all doors within reach. He loves swinging big doors back and forth and so far has escaped having his fingers pinched.

He knows his sisters and will look at the right one when when asked. He LOVES them, especially Katie. Katie equally adores Alex and will pick him up and drag him around if I let her. Emma loves Alex too, but from a safer distance where Alex can't pull her hair, scratch her, drool on her etc.  You know how brothers can be....

 Alex is eating what the family eats; he's not picky so far for which I am thankful! He still has a bottle in the morning and evening. I need to cut them out, but the morning one is so convienent and he does still like his before bed bottle. But soon! It's time.

He also eats everything off the floor; dirt, crumbs, fluff, paper. My floors have to stay clean to avoid fishing stuff out of his mouth and also to avoid it getting ground into his clothes!

He thinks that the word 'potato' is humourous. You're pretty much guarenteed to get a smile if you say it, especially if you emphasis the 'p.' Emma likes to say it when he's starting to whine at supper time.

 He still naps twice a day: usually in the morning for about an hour and in the afternoon from 1ish-3:30/4:30, depending on how long his morning nap was. He sleeps 7pm to 7am every night.

Just quick snuggle and I'll be good to go!

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