Friday, April 10, 2015

Life in Blue

I found this post in my drafts from last April, shortly after Alex was born. Fun to remember almost a year later! Can you believe he'll be 1 (ONE!!!) next week?

Some tidbits on our life with blue now that Alex has made our family a family of five!

  • After two girls, it's fun to look at boy's clothes. 
  • The girls fight over who gets to rock Alex in his carseat or cradle.
  • Katie is very helpful, especially when I'm nursing Alex.
  • Emma needs lots of extra snuggles these days. She's not a big snuggler, so we take what we can get!
  • Katie is full of "do you remember when I was a baby and then I did......" 
  • Ben is a very proud father of his son! 
  • Alex has been doing really nice, long stretches at night: after a 10/11pm feed, I'm only up once around 3/4am and then not until 7/8am! 
  • The girls haven't been woken up at night by Alex's crying, not that he cries much, and we are thankful!
  • Alex nurses eight or nine times in 24 hours, usually 30-40 minutes start to finish.
  • We've been super blessed with delivered meals; I haven't had to cook at all for the first week!
  • Ben hasn't had to take any time off work since Alex was born on the Friday of a long weekend. Ben got Easter Monday off too, so by day four we were ok with him going back to work. He came home for lunch a couple days which was a nice break.
  • The girls were at my parents for most of the weekend, which let us get our sleep and rest. They spent a day at friends and another day at my sister-in-law's. It was super fun for them and gave me some extra relaxing/recovery time.

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