Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March 2015

The first week of March was filled with meetings every night. It was nice we could get them all taken care of before we started kitchen renovations.

The rest of March was filled with, you guessed it,  kitchen renos. That was the major focus and took the majority of our time. We went to Ikea to pick up our kitchen, but because they were out of stock of a number of items at the Burlington store, we just got everything shipped from Montreal the following Saturday.

Because we went to Ikea, we spent a very enjoyable and hilarious night at Nick & Alyce's while my gracious parents stayed at our place and dealt with loved our adorable children.  It was a nice little outing (first time since we've been away since I was first pregnant with Emma, four years ago!) and I snuck in a too-short visit with my dear galpal in Smithville.

We celebrated Ben's 29th birthday. In the upheaval I hadn't even gotten Ben a present and barely managed to buy him a cake so Katie was very upset after supper when I had to tell her, following her announcement of "and now we give Daddy his presents" that I didn't have any. I promised her a trip sometime to go and buy something soon(a hockey stick was her suggestion). Ben mentioned that he actually needed one for an upcoming ball hockey tournament so we all trouped off to Canadian Tire to buy him a hockey stick. He picked one out and the girls and I went through the checkout to buy it. I brought a blue ribbon with me so I quickly tied it on and then girls carried it out to the parking lot with a "Happy Birthday Daddy!" and they were satisfied.  After that delay in our cabinet-building plans we quickly got to work building cabinets. But, Ben was called away to go out for drinks and wings with the guys, so he had to wait until he got back at 10pm to build a cabinet before bed. All in all, not a bad birthday.

Katie lost another tooth: her first top tooth. Her bottom two have already come in, so she only has one gap at the moment. She came flying into our room in tears at about 6am because she thought the tooth fairy hadn't come. She had, but Katie is kind of a crazy sleeper, so we had to search a bit for the "treasure."

Alex is crawling and starting to pull himself up onto low things like boxes and kid chairs.  He also gibber-gabbers all day long which is fun to hear as he moves through the house.

The girls are loving playing outside in the warmer weather and come in filthy each day. Emma literally had mud from head to toe one day last week.

With our Ikea gift cards (we got Ikea gift cards back as part of the kitchen promotion) we bought a few bookcases and cubby organiser for the attic. I'm not going to tell you how happy I was to finally get all my books out of boxes and on real shelves! Ok, well I kind of did there; I can't help it, books on shelves make me happy!

It snowed on the last day of March. Three inches I think we had. Unbelievable. Thankfully it didn't last long and was all gone by the end of the day.

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