Wednesday, May 06, 2015

April 2015

April was filled with kitchen renovations. The last couple weeks slowed down on that front as we slowly ran out of things to do before the counter top came.

Katie lost her two front teeth. They fell out within a week of eachother with much drama. A week or so later she lost another on on the bottom. So she's full swing into the gap-tooth stage and is finding it a bit difficult to eat things that require biting into them! Thankfully her two bottom middle teeth fell out quite a while ago and her adult ones are nicely in so she's not missing all the teeth at the front.

Alex is pulling all the way up on to things. He likes to stand, but tends to get excited and then loses his balance. He's into lots of stuff and does not like to be contained. He's starting to move along furniture and reach for things higher up. The girls are learning their toys are not safe on the window ledges anymore!

We opened up the sandbox and got the outside toys out again. The kids are spending a lot of time outside and being very tired at the end of the day.

I went to the doctor with some gallstone-like symptoms. An ultrasound and blood work showed everything to be clear, so the doctor thinks I may have just had a solitary stone which passed on it's on. It makes sense since I stopped having pain before I went for my ultrasound.  Phew! No more pain, so I am thankful. 

I'm still busy with bookkeeping for Word & Deed and another client. Unfortunately our own finances are not a priority and are sitting in a pile mocking me to do them!

We took a trip to Ikea to return some items and pickup others. We left first thing in the morning to beat traffic and we were home again shortly before 5pm. It was a busy day; the kids behaved nicely (mostly) even though Ikea was a zoo!

Ben played in a ball hockey tournament and had trouble moving the next day. The kids were thrilled to watch Daddy play with his NEW hockey stick that we bought him for his birthday.

Katie is still practicing her reading. She can read her short vowel words like can, hat, dog, bus etc. It's so fun to see the light go on and see her so proud when she figures out a longer word.

Emma is also learning her letter sounds. I'm using the same program I did with Katie and she's really starting to identify the sounds in books as we read. She's picking them off signs and cereal boxes and is very excited to show me.

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