Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kitchen Progress VIII

Week 10! Eek! We didn't plan for the reno to take this long, but a number of hassles with the counter top, the supplier and the manufacturer set us back a few weeks. Finally, the long awaited day came last week Thursday! Our countertop was delivered!

Out comes the old sink! Can you believe for our entire kitchen reno, we were only without water in the kitchen for two evenings? Both times it was because an extra part was needed, so we had to wait until the hardware store opened the next morning. Not too shabby for a handy husband, eh?
Because the counter top was in such big pieces, we had to put this mitre corner together ourselves. After fiddling and fussing, we got it looking pretty professional. We had a template done of our counter, so the fit was perfect, basically (besides the mitre work) all we had to do was drop it in place and secure it.
My bEAUtiful sink. My favourite part of the kitchen!
This is where our kitchen is at today.

We still need a big piece of cover panel for the end of the cupboard. You can see beside the light switch that we just have a short piece to hold the space until we get another one.
So we still need to
  • put one more coat of paint on the window and door and touch up crown molding
  • buy and install tile backsplash
  • get doors and some cover panels (not in stock at the moment).
  • install rest of deco strip once we get our doors and coverpanels. 
  • do final paint touchups 
  • refinish the door to the mudroom which requires a complete strip and redo. 

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  1. It's looking great! Amazing how a counter top can bring it all together so quickly Great job on everything. I think I'd be tempted to stop at this point and say . . ."Good enough for now!" It's good to have a list like that to keep things moving.
    Have fun with the last details!