Friday, May 15, 2015


We were talking about multiple babies at lunch, twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. Katie decided that if there was one baby girl, it should be a MISStuplet and a baby boy should be a MRtuplet.

After Katie had finished figuring out a line of the Eensy Weensy spider on the piano, she shivered and said, "oooh, that scared me a bit when I played it."

I hear both girls saying this, "let me get this straight...." they say it without much thought and then realize they said it and think it's hilarious. It then becomes a joke and often repeated for the next half hour.

One of my girls: "Why don't you have a real name? Only mommy....?"

Having a discussion about water.
Ben: "Water is hydrogen and oxygen"
Katie: "Oxes make water?"
Ben: "No hunny, water is an element."
Katie: "An elephant!!!?!"

Katie for the longest time called umbrellas, "auntbrellas" Emma changed it slightly and called them "unclebrellas"

Emma: "Is the sink drowning?"  No, draining, dear.

Katie: "Alex is too loud; we should mail him away somewhere."

Katie repeating her memory verse, "Where the disciples were decembered...."  should have been 'assembled'

Katie: "Emma, carrots are good for you! They help you grow eyes!"

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