Wednesday, June 03, 2015

May 2015

We had a spring cleaning at the church. We had a bunch of volunteers to help us give the church a fresh, extra thorough clean for the year!

Our counter top came! Finally! There were a number of mixups on the supplier end, so it ended up being a couple weeks longer than we expected. But it came and it looks beautiful!

We celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday. We all got together at my Aunt and Uncle's place in Guelph. Lots of fun and games and good memories about my Dad.

We had a lovely Sunday getting reacquainted with friends of Ben's from highschool. He and his wife and son came over and we heard lots of memories. I love hearing stories from Ben's past; gives me another glimpse of him back when he was a teenager.

We put some carpet down on our front steps. Our beautiful porch floor has been getting pretty worn over the past winters and the stain is peeling. The wood is also still oozing sap, even after letting it weather a year before staining and then 3 years of wear and tear! Since the steps are so slipperly in the winter, we needed to do something. So we finally caved and put carpet down even though I was adamant it would never happen.

I dropped a wooden highchair tray on my big toe which resulted in some damage. My toe turned all kind of colours and at one point Ben drilled a hole through the name with a pin to let some of the pressure off. I have weird tinglings and nerve pain on the top of my foot at certain times; definitely did some damage there. I just hope my nail grows back!

Ben sold his leftover plants on our front lawn again. This is the fourth year he's done it and this month we've gotten a number of enquires from neighbours and friends wondering and waiting for the sale. It's becoming a neighbourhood event! He had over 80 trays and only had two leftover! He also sold over 80 canna lilies!

Alex has been cutting his molars which has been trying. He's also starting to display his temper which has also been trying.

We had two seniors in our church pass away within a couple weeks of each other. Both were quite elderly and also quite sick. It's such a joy to know they both confessed Christ as their Saviour and that they're both singing His praises in heaven!

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