Saturday, June 06, 2015


That is Alex.  Big trouble in a little boy.

Gate open?  Those stairs will be climbed.

Dishwasher open? Those dishes will be taken out. Actually, if anything is open or can be opened, he'll empty it.

Something to rip? He'll rip it. He especially enjoys ripping up kleenexes (dirty or clean) into tiny pieces.

If the girls' toys are laying around; he'll mess them up and scatter them.

If I'm in the kitchen, he thinks I'm making him food.

He loves anything that can be pushed; buttons, light switches.

If he's done with something, he throws or drops it on the floor. This is VERY frustrating, especially when he thinks he's done sleeping at 6am and throws his puppy out of his crib!

He's not still very long at all!

He garbles and chatters a lot.

He's got a temper and is starting to very readily display it!

Is there a dry spot in the house? Not for long, Alex will drool on it.

If you don't have the next bite of food ready before he's done chewing the previous bite.... he'll let you know.

He loves being outside and will eat a lot of dirt or rocks. So far I don't think he's actually swallowed any stones. Phew!

He wears 18 month clothes, especially shirts. His back is loooong!

Most problems are solved with his puppy. He only ever sucks his thumb if he has his puppy: no puppy, no thumb.


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