Thursday, July 02, 2015

June 2015

We celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Ben bought me flowers, I bought him a chocolate cake since I had neither time nor inclination to bake!

Katie started swimming lessons the last week of June and made more progress in three days than she did in two weeks last year! We're not going through the public pool this year, but rather a backyard pool with more one-on-one time.

Alex is walking around furniture and can stand by himself for longer and longer periods of time. I'm sure he'll be walking by the end of summer.

Ben repointed the block around the outside of our house. Most of it was in pretty good shape, but portions on the west side had considerable wear and holes. Item one off our summer to-do list!

We got our veggie garden and other gardens planted and mulched. We were a bit late this year.

We enjoyed a church Sunday school picnic one Saturday and a church yardsale a few weeks later.

I had my last appointment with the TIA clinic. Back in April I had some minor stroke-like symptoms which prompted a trip to the ER and a followup appointment with the TIA clinic in London. Strokes are rated on a scale from 0-40 and based on the doctors' in-clinic 'tests' I rated a .5, so they treated as a one. Following a number of tests (MRI, MRA, Echo, holter monitor and finally a TransEsophageal Ultrasound (down the throat to rule out a hole in my heart) they ruled out any possibility of a stroke and/or heart issues and I got a clean bill of health. Praise the Lord!

I had some extra kiddos over on a couple different days. It's funny how you can be more productive when you have more kids to take care of. How does that work?

We had my brother and his wife over for a weekend in between a few weddings; crazy that a year ago we were running around like crazy people getting ready for their wedding!

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