Tuesday, August 04, 2015

July 2015

We painted our porch railings again; it's been four? years since they first were painted and it's been on our summer to-do list for a few years since portions only got one coat of paint. Canada Day was beautifully mild and the perfect painting weather. The kids behaved themselves wonderfully and Ben and I painted all day. We gave the pillars a new coat of paint to hopefully stay on top of the wear.

Corina came for just over two weeks. It wasn't a long enough visit and we were sad to see her go. We did a bunch of day trips (I'll post about those later) and spent lots of time drinking coffee, tea and watching Remmington Steele!

We took a trip out to Vineland to pick up the last of our Ikea stuff for our kitchen (My sister-in-law picked them up for us) It was a short sweet visit with Nick & Alyce. 

The last of the tile and trim went up in the kitchen too! All these finishing touches take more time than one thinks!

Ben is getting a new shop building at work, thanks to a generous donation, so he's very busy with that. While he's not running the job, he definitely is unofficially overseeing the work and catching errors made by the crew. It's pretty busy and makes for a lot of more stress in a generally stress-free work environment.

We did two weeks of swimming lessons with Katie the first two weeks of July. She made more progress in three days at this backyard pool (in ground) than she did in two weeks last year going to the public pool. I think it's a combination of age, smaller pool (where she can touch the bottom) and a really good teacher who is no-nonsense. We signed her up for another two weeks with Emma in the last week of July and first week of August.

Katie lost yet another tooth; she actually pulled this one herself (miracles of miracles!) Emma is wondering when she'll be old enough to lose a tooth and have a visit from the toothfairy. 

Alex is getting more chatty and can say: Dada, Mama, Katie, Emma, Grandma, Papa and "ooof" for woof. He's getting more steady and walks around furniture a lot, but still no independent walking. He's just stubborn about it!

Emma mastered riding her two wheeler with training wheels (she had trouble with peddling) and Katie can finally use her scooter and glide!

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