Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cottage life. Part three

 Here is the fish on the bbq from the first post.
 Crazy bed head catching the morning sunshine!

The following series of pictures cracks me up and basically summarizes Nick and Alyce.

 It so was relaxing; we did a lot of this!
 They even had a piano there which was fun to play around on, even music in the bench!

 Wait for it.....
 There's the eyebrow lift...


 Dance party!

 The one day I got up to watch the sunrise, ALL the kids woke up too. So much for peace and quiet!


 Oh, he's awake...

 Emma is the queen of bedhead.

 Can you see the hummingbird? We saw it frequently, whenever it was quiet enough, of course.

 Not a bad view, eh?


 That tail... hmmm....
 bye bye, beautiful view!
 Tradition dictates

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