Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cottage Life. part two

We did a walking/trolley tour of Kingston one day.  It was more than we anticipated so we were pretty beat by the end, but it was still fun.

 They have the same ear shape. :-)
 Just making a phonecall.

 A picture of the train for Papa

 And the future engineers.
 The day started off windy and rainy, but it blew over pretty quickly and we had sunshine for the rest of the day.

 Inside Fort Henry
 Going through the tunnels to the reverse firing chambers. It was pretty neat, even though they were never actually used in battle.

 A view of Kingston from Fort Henry

 Practice firing
 More practice, incase we ever fear an attack from the south.

 One of the jail cells.
 Alex did amazing and just napped when he felt like it.  He was pretty heavy though, so Ben and Nick were pretty sore after carrying him around all day.

 Shaking hands with Sir John A.

 We visited his house; he lived in it briefly so the historical society thought they'd market it as his house.
 The green you see in the one corner is the servants stairs. Steep!

 At the Kingston Pen museum
 This was a torture device: arms and legs in stocks and head in the bucket with water slowing dripping on you.
 Nick really brought it to life for Alyce! She reacted just as we hoped. Hehe
 This was also a torture device: one tiny air hole and they'd be shut in there for hours.
 The Kingston Pen, which now stands empty.
 Isn't this the cutest engineer you've ever seen?
 On a decomissioned coast guard/ice breaker. Not much to write home about.

 The other end of Lake Ontario.
 Sleeping again

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