Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cottage Life

We rented a beautiful cottage, well really more of a house just 30 min north of Kingston. It's a beautiful log house wtih lots of charm and character. It had everything we needed and was the perfect place to relax for a week! Nick and Alyce came up for the first have: so fun! We were sad when they left. This will be the first post of a few.

 We hadn't been there four hours and they HAD to go out in the old rowboat.

 Katie had made a fishing pole a week or so before (stick and string) and had gotten some lures from a friend. She was SO excited to go fishing and almost caught something!
 Emma just had fun playing with lures.

 Our view!
 Sitting on the dock, looking back up at the house.

 Alex woke up from a bad dream or something and was rather inconsolable for a bit.
 First fish!

 Nick got out his tackle and helped the girls each catch a sunfish before bed.

 I love this shot.

 Our view of the boys several times a day. They were out on that rowboat a lot. They had a good workout and got some good burns!

 They actually caught some decent fish and decided to try their hand at filleting. It was tricky considering none of the knives we had were sharp or for filleting.

 They roasted the fish over the fire one night.
 Ready for bed.

 Running up and down the laneway.
 Our cottage!

 Waiting for Daddy to come back from yet another fishing trip.

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