Thursday, October 29, 2015

September 2015

**now finally finishing this almost a month later!

This month has flown by! 

We enjoyed a day at Lake Lisgar water park in Tillsonburg with Ben's family. It's a great, smallish water park perfect for younger kids.

We did some visiting with friends and family including a swim in Lake Erie on Labour Day!

This month was full of appointments: dentist, doc checkups, eye doctor etc. Glad to have them done and over with!

We started some school subjects before we went on holidays, and jumped all the way back in the first week of September. Katie is going to my mom's on Tuesdays for piano lessons and sewing lessons. She does sewing lessons with a good (also homeschooled) friend from church; they have a lot of fun together!

We found out some exciting news! Baby number four is on the way! I have a video of us telling the girls that is pretty fun. I'll post it later on.

Because of the above, the last few weeks of September were spent mostly on the couch as I fought terrible morning sickness. Thankfully I went on dicletin after that and could function again!

I spent an afternoon training my replacement at Word & Deed and handed over the reigns of that job! Just in time!

I hosted a Young Living Essential Oils Information evening with a friend and shared the oily goodness with a bunch of ladies! A fun evening!

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