Monday, December 14, 2015

Alex at 19 months

Poor Alex, third child gets a little less posting, thankfully no less love though!

At now, almost 20 months Alex:

-climbs on anything
-is ALWAYS hungry and wants food
-loves to have stories read to him, by sisters or parents--We all have "Little Blue Truck" memorised as it's his favourite book
-loves going for walks or in the car
-does not take kindly to things being taken from him
-is growing his vocabulary by the day: Mummy, Daddy, Keke, Memema, Maama, Papa, ooofy (puppy), lots of animal sounds
-does not like his diaper changed primarily because I'm interrupting something he's doing/wants to do.
-understands SO much. You can't say certain things in front of him because he'll know!
-loves to have water from my water bottle, especially when he's done his cup of milk at meals
-does not like to wait. When he's done eating, he's ALL DONE and wants to get out of his chair. It's been a challenge to keep him in until supper is finished.
-sings to himself and loves to dance, especially with his sisters
-loves a good joke: he closes his hands and claps thinking it's funny to not clap with his hands open
-misses his Daddy all day long and is SO excited when he comes home. Sometimes he'll wake up crying from his nap or in the night calling for Daddy.
-sucks his thumb only when he has his puppy
-has all his teeth: next up--two-year molars
-loves to be crazy and throw himself on couches/beds
-naps 2-3 hours each afternoon
-sleeps 7pm-7am and rarely is awake in the night
-copies everything his sisters do

Alex aka trouble

Wanted to colour like his sisters

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