Monday, December 14, 2015

November 2015

We went to the Royal Military Museum in London for a field trip with some other home schooled families. We had a great tour and very interesting information. Emma was gone for the day, so I just took Katie and Alex. I kind of missed the second half of the information since Alex was being a pill, but Katie enjoyed seeing her friends and trying on a uniform!

Alex is suddenly advancing through an understanding stage. He's understanding more instructions (obedience doesn't always happen though) and he's trying to communicate more as well.

I went to a lovely, relaxing ladies retreat with ladies from our church. It was a Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon and it was just so nice! Ben took the day off on Friday, and I left first thing with some other ladies for a bit of shopping before heading to the retreat after lunch. We had such a relaxing, enjoyable time listening to our speaker and just being together, playing games and chatting.

Ben was amazing when I was gone. He put a new roof on the neighbour's front porch on Friday and then on Saturday cleaned the house, did laundry and even made soup for Sunday lunch the next day! A few weeks later, he redid the back porch roof for the neighbours as well.

I did another day of training for Word & Deed; it was very handy though because my replacement came to my house so I didn't have to find a babysitter for my kids.

Ben also went to my brother's and helped him reroof his garage. He was gone bright and early and not back until well after supper.

We had another pancake breakfast this month: so much fun and fellowship!

We made another fundraising calendar for our church with photos from our church members. There is so much talent in our church and we got some beautiful shots which have made a lovely calendar!

I went to a planning session for our local homeschool group. We're planning some activities for the new year for the elementary kids. I volunteered to teach a music/movement class with the younger kids. Now I have to start planning!

I had another midwife appointment and heard our wee babe's heartbeat! 155 beats per minute.....just like... my girls! Alex's heart rate was always much lower, around the 140 mark, so we'll see!

We also had a farewell evening at church for our refugee we sponsored last year. He's moving out to BC where he has a friend and more job opportunities.

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