Thursday, January 28, 2016

Emma is four!

My little EmmaBoBemma is four already! She's been little for so long, but in the last few months she's suddenly grown, literally. She's taller, feet are finally in a "normal" size and she's a little girl, not a toddler anymore. She was a toddler for a long time, but no longer!

As we did with Katie, we gave Emma a bear for her birthday and her beloved puppy was "shelved." The whole point behind us cruelly taking away her beloved puppy is that it's a cue for thumb sucking. With Katie we had zero issues when we took her puppy away; not one battle with thumb sucking.  We were expecting a much different reaction with Emma, as she just LOVED her puppy, but so far she's doing amazing! She hasn't asked for her puppy or whined about sucking her thumb. She did confess that she did it "just a little bit" the second night when she was falling asleep, but other than that, not at all! My little girl is growing up!

She knows her letters and numbers inside out and is getting better at writing them. She learns a lot of things alongside Katie and surprises us with her knowledge! She can't wait until she can read and Katie "helps" her read by telling her what the sentence says, so then Emma can "read" it. She also had a few boardbooks memorized and "reads" them to Alex, which he loves and is super adorable.

 Yummy girl!

 This was her request: a chocolate teddy bear, strawberry cake.

 She got to open two presents before Daddy went to work.

 Her OWN pencil case, pencil crayons, glue and scissors.

 Her new teddy bear

 New socks and underwear--she was thrilled!

 A new Sunday coat.

Hungry Hippos--the new favourite game!

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