Friday, January 29, 2016

Random moments to remember

I found this in my drafts post and it made me smile to remember these things I actually forgot about! 

Waking up at 2:30am in the middle of a thunderstorm to hear the girls talking in their room. I went to check on them and they were wide awake with the curtain half open "watching the thunderstorm and talking about God."

Feeding Alex lunch and while popping a piece of bread in his mouth, he bit my finger. Of course I was shocked and yelped which made him burst into tears. I consoled him and hugged him and he directed my face straight to his and gave me the "I love you" sign (hand down the side of one cheek) . Melty!

Emma and I had a discussion regarding her frustration when things don't go her way. I told her instead of just "ughing!!!!' she could say "frustrated!" She said it was too hard, so I suggested saying "Alligator!" instead.  Well a few days go by and while I'm trying to put stuff away in a drawer, she keeps closing it on me. I kind of lost it on her and harshly told her to leave it alone. She of course ran away crying and I then followed to apologizie. She asked me why I yelled and I explained that I was frustrated that she wouldn't listen and kept closing the drawer.  She replied, "Mom, you should have said Agilator!"

In the spring when the Magnolia trees were in bloom throughout the city I pointed them out to the girls while driving to various locations. They would exclaim with delight at the big ones, littles ones, pink and purple alike. One day we drove by a particularly big tree which I pointed out to Katie she responded with "Oh it's SOO beautiful! I can't bear it!"  "You can't bear it?" I asked. "No, it's just SO beautiful, I can't bear to look at it!"  She is slightly dramatic!

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