Thursday, January 28, 2016


For the past couple years, since our kids have been old enough to understand, we've started celebrating SinterKlaas. It's a Dutch tradition that Ben's family faithfully did when the kids were small and we did off and on throughout my childhood. Just Google Saint Nicholas for the story. Anyways, here are a few pictures.

 They were awake very early, wondering with gleeful anticipation if SinterKlaas had come!
 Sleepy, not sure what's going on.....
 Let's check our boots!
 This girl's hair is seriously getting long!
 HOW did SinterKlaas know they like Frozen!??!

 Katie can't believe she got Lego! As SinterKlaas told her in his letter, "he heard she liked lego!"
 And SinterKlaas said Emma was big enough for Playmobile!

 Still not sure....
 Can't hold on to all her "loot"!

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