Tuesday, February 23, 2016


We bought a new couch and chair! Yay! First time we've ever bought new furniture (with the exception of a bed and mattress) so it was a big deal for us! We've only ever had free castoffs, so this is quite lovely!

I got a cold. Not a big deal, but it's the first time I've been sick in over a year, so to me it was junky.

I did a couple information session for Young Living. It's getting easier each time and it's so fun to share about these amazing products! It's so rewarding to hear testimonials from folks who have gotten the oils and just love them too!

I got to spend an afternoon with my galpal, Hanna all the way in Niagara region. It's been WAY too long since we've hung out in person and our littles could meet and play together too.

Emma turned four so we celebrated her birthday and consoled Katie that her birthday wasn't too far away. Waiting is hard for little kids.

Ben finally moved into his new shop at work. He finally has a nice, new, warm building with lots of space and ability to do lots of things! Also, that means his stress level went way down since the project is pretty much wrapped up. It's been a stressful last half a year! We're thankful to have a more relaxed husband and dad back.

Katie had a few dentist appointments: one for sealant done on her 6-year molars and the second for a filling. She did ok. She loves the idea and no issues before hand, but once it starts, she's pretty upset. She did pretty well considering past visits and now it's done and over with, she's on her way, merry as can be.

Ben started on renos again, this time in the attic. There's not a ton of work to be done, mostly cosmetic as the previous owners didn't have much sense of finesse. Lots of drywall mud going up along with some electrical and a new floor in the attic bedroom.

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