Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Katie kept calling a fishing lure worm a permanent worm--no idea where she got that from.

Katie after running from somewhere: "One of these days my heart is just going to pop right out because of all the running I'm doing!"

Katie's string of questions at the supper table one night:

"Are garments, clothes?
Are there pirates in the United States?
Dad, did you know Laura Ingalls was a real person?
Did she love God?"

Emma: "I have a rotten nose."  She meant runny

Katie wondering what a smudge was. "You know a smudge on your cheek!" Oh you mean a smooch!

Emma had a bad dream in the middle of the night; she came running to our room so upset. Her dream? A cow was sitting on her.

Katie woke up crying one night. Her dream? A skunk sprayed her.

Have a conversation about Daddy and how he's handsome, even though he has a beard. I explained that he wouldn't look like Daddy if he shaved off his beard. Katie turns to me and says, "Mom, do you shave off your beard?"  thanks, thanks a lot child.

Having another conversation about certain boys in church who they're "going to marry."  I posed the question to Emma that maybe the boy she chose would get married to someone else. Katie says wonderingly, "Maybe he just wants to be an uncle."

Katie pretending something, "Oh, I just can't believe it! A bad man came and threw me down on the grass and left me for dead!"   My kids are a little morbid. They also like to pretend that someone died (dad, grandmother etc) and they are going to the funeral. They take small blankets or cloths and "wipe" their tears away as they walk weeping to the funeral.

Katie, "Mom, when you're dead, can I have your phone?"

Emma, "Why doesn't Uncle Wayne come to our church? Probably he keeps our house safe."

I was telling a friend that Emma was our little Dutch girl and she overheard and piped up, "I'm not Dutch, I'm Canadian!" 

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