Wednesday, March 02, 2016

February 2016

This month was full of renos! We finished the attic bedroom and did half the attic and moved down to the hallway on the second floor. I'll do a separate post with pictures of the attic one of these days.

We celebrated our firstborn's birthday. Six years ago we became parents--so crazy! Katie is such a joy and such a great kid to "teach" us parenting. We had a fun birthday party for her with some of her friends: they got to decorate their own cupcakes, make their own mini pizzas and have a teaparty and a treasure hunt. Little girls are so fun!

We had our church's second Annual Variety night. It was a great night full of skits and lots of laughing. Four ladies and I organized the evening and even contributed our own skit.

We had some amazing spring-like weather that got us itching for spring. Of course, the next week followed with a snowstorm to keep us from getting too excited.

We had visits with friends, meetings and the normal life stuff of course.

I spent a 10+ hour day doing year-end at the Word & Deed Office. I always like going into the office, but I paid for the long hours the next day! 

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