Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ben's Suprise 30th!

I managed to throw Ben a retro-themed surprise party when he turned 30 in March. He said he had a few suspicions, but never dreamed something like this! See for yourself what I mean!

 All ready to go! Ben left for dinner and we had a mad hour to scramble and make ourselves "beautiful." Actually, my girls thought we all looked rather nice, haha!


We had some good sports ready to play twister.
 Lots of pool happened!

Everytime Dietrich made a shot, he had to flip his hair back. Now he knows what we women put up with!

 Group photo, although probably a dozen people had already left....

 Aren't we SO fashionable?
 Corina came all the way from BC for this party! I found out a few days later that my iron was superduper low, so that explains some of the "ghost" look I have going on.

  Me and the birthday boy!

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