Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Son of Mine

This sweet, adorable, troublesome, love of a boy is two!

Like most typical boys, he loves anything with wheels. He'll spot any backhoe, dumptruck, semi etc when we're out and will just lay on the floor with his cars, inspecting the wheels and how they move.

 He often plays in his own world, but doesn't miss a thing going on around him.
 He loves to sing and has been able to carry a recognizable tune(not just to us, but others too) since he was 20 months. He learns Sunday school memory work right along with his sisters and we often hear him repeating it to himself throughout the day.
 He loves making people laugh and will repeat whatever he's doing for another laugh. We often hear, "I funny, mom!" or "It's funny!"
 He can count to 10 by himself and past 10 with promoting.  He sings his ABC's and points out letters as "C Ds!!" His sister love to teach him; they're working on his colours right now and think it's hilarious when he says the wrong colour.
 He's much more independent than my girls were and is very willing to go and try something. In fact, lately, he's very adverse to help.
 He will always hug you if you are sad or if you pretend to be sad (not that I ever do that for an extra hug). He's started to display a temper, but his fits of anger are being nipped in the bud and are therefore thankfully short-lived.
 Has an incredible memory and often talks about things that happened days or weeks ago.
 Still naps for 2-3 hours each afternoon. He also has his own quiet time in his room for 30-60 minutes each morning before coffee break as we do school work that requires less distraction.
 Can be very particular about how things are or where things go. It's so fun to see him put items in just the right spot.
 He loves his Daddy and for a while went through a phase of crying when Ben would go to work or not be home yet when he woke up from his nap. He also thinks every backhoe he sees is Daddy's backhoe.
 He is a huge copy cat and will do most things the girls do or say, especially if he knows he has an audience.
 Can be very calm and snuggly and loves to be read to by anyone who will sit with him. Even Emma "reads" books to him. He can also be crazy and and wild. He needs that wrestling-with-dad time most days to burn off energy.
 He has stolen my heart in ways I can't even describe. After having two girls, there is something about a boy that is just different and so special. He melts me and I'm loving each stage of boyhood.  Happy birthday, dear son!

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  1. Keep enjoying this little boy. He sounds like a smart little dude. If you read my post about Karter make sure you skim very quickly over the part where I told about how Karter can count to 11 or 12. Ahem. ;0) Great little summary of Alex and lots of great pictures too. He's a cutie.