Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March 2016

Ben continued with renos this month, moving down to the the hallway on the second floor. There was a bit of demo needed and some rebuilding, wiring and after that, drywall, mudding sanding and finally painting! We're going to get carpet installed sometime next month.

Halfway through the month, Corina came!! She came for Ben's birthday which was March 24th. The big 3-0!! She came a bit early to help put the finishing touches on a surprise party for Ben on the 18th. It was successful and trust me, I've got some good pictures since it was a 80's retro party!

We had a great Artisan marketplace held at the church; super fun to see all the talent coming out of the woodwork! I came home with a few treasures too!

Corina and I worked on some projects: bulletin boards and chalkboards for the house. Of course, that was in between coffee and tea and Remmington Steele!

We had a few beautiful days followed by cold days. Thankfully we've managed to stay quite healthy despite the up and down temperatures.

Emma fought a weird viral something for about a week. She woke up fine each morning and ate fairly normally, but after lunch she'd "crash" and just sleep or lay on the couch until asking to go to bed around supper time. She never ran a fever, had a cough, runny nose, nothing. It was very strange and finally on day eight I took her in to see the doc and of course after that she was pretty much back to her normal self.

We spent one Sunday with my entire family and the next Sunday with Ben's family.  It was good to visit with family since the last time we were together was Christmas!

The last week of March and into the beginning of April was filled with meetings and events. We had a week and half of one of us being gone every single night (except Sunday). Thankfully the kids survived, as did we. But boy, was that first night with no commitment a relief!

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