Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March in pictures

A few

 Baking cookies for coffee break!
 I'm not really brave enough to bake with all my kids, but Auntie Corina was here to help!

 Must have just finished being sad about something....

Emma was sick everyday from lunch onwards for about a week. She'd just lay there (when she couldn't find a lap to snuggle on) looking so sad and forlorn.
 On Ben's birthday we inflated almost a whole bag of balloons to throw at him when he got home. The girls made crowns and cards too. We tried some long, skinny balloons to make into animals. It worked not too bad, but it's definitely a skill to perfect!
 I just barely had enough candles for this old man!

Managed to get a picture with Auntie Corina before she left! 

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