Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eleanor at Six Weeks

Hard to believe our girlie was six weeks on Saturday! Some notes about our sweetheart:

She has completely stolen Ben's heart. He loved our other babies too, but this girl has him wrapped around her finger. It's very sweet.

She nurses 7 or 8 times a day: 8/9am, 11/12pm, 2pm, 4/4:30pm, 6/7pm, 9/10pm and 3:30/4am. She'll often sneak an extra feed around 8pm and push her bedtime feed back to 10:30/11pm.

The last week or so she's been sticking fairly closely to that schedule. Sunday night(five weeks) she nursed at 10pm and then slept until 5am! So nice; we're hoping that becomes more frequent.

Eleanor is a very content baby; she doesn't fuss often and when she does it usually very shortlived and easily diagnosed: burp or laying in a puddle.

She's a major puker and gives me a fair bit of laundry, but thankfully she doesn't seem bothered by it. We've put her on probiotic drops which I think have been helping. She is still puking, but it is less. Her stomach is still getting back to normal after her first week of antibiotics. It can take a while for the body to right itself.

She started smiling super early and we've been enjoying her smiles for the last number of weeks; she's very intent when she's smiling, looking right at you and listening to every word.

She's a nosy girl and loves to know who is talking. She's always searching for the voice talking to her and often full of smiles when she finds it.

We did one amazing night at the six-week mark. After I nursed her at 10pm, she didn't wake up to be nursed until 8am!!! wow! Didn't happen after that, but we push for longer night since she's obviously capable.

We started cloth diapers at six weeks. Her diaper rash finally cleared up enough and I finally had the energy to add that to my daily routine. It's not that much extra work unless she poops of course.

She's a content little girl and rarely needs extra to be settled. Her "fussy" time is usually in the evening before we go to bed which is really the best time since I'm usually 'done' by then anyways and just want to sit.

The girls both adore and are super good 'moms'. They love to hold her, rock her, sing to her etc. Alex is also very gentle with her and mimicks the girls, which is very sweet.

She is very sweet and calm and we are thankful for her in our not-so-little-anymore family!

 Thrilled with their own doll!
 My Opa made me this cradle, which when turned upside down, functions as a bench or stool.
 Eleanor on her quilt from Grandma

 One month!

 So full.... so sleepy.....

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