Monday, June 06, 2016

May 2016

The first two weeks of May were busy prepping for baby's arrival. I cleaned and cleaned, and baked and baked and put even more meals in the freezer. Before Eleanor was born I had 17 full meals in the freezer and half a dozen meals half prepped. I had enough baking to last a month and then some!

We had a number of meetings we wanted taken care of and out of the way and of course the regular midwife appointments too.

The girls started soccer every Wednesday night, but Emma only made it through two weeks until we decided to pull her out. She was glued to Ben's leg and was just so overwhelmed by the environment and hundreds (literally) of people on the many fields. Katie on the other hand is thriving and loving it! Her confidence is definitely being boosted!

The two weeks before Eleanor was born were spent in "ready" mode for the most part. The day before Eleanor was born, I had all my to-dos for Saturday already done. I had done my portion of the church cleaning and went grocery shopping juuuuuust in case I had a baby the next day. I actually said to four different people the week prior that Saturday, May 14th would be a good day for a baby. I even jokingly asked my mom if that Saturday would work for her to have our kids because I thought it was a good baby day.. little did I know!

The last two weeks were filled with baby. The week after was of course spent in the hospital with Eleanor, so there's not much to report there.

The week we got home was an adjustment, to say the least. The kids had all be gone here and there and they had great fun and were well behaved at the different places. Of course, that all came crashing down when they came home and everyone had to get used to regular life again.

Ben started working on a play house for the kids too. He's been working on it here and there as he's had time and the kids have been patiently waiting for it to be all the way done!

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