Friday, June 10, 2016


Emma: "Is Auntie Corina a mom?"  
Me: "Nope."
Emma: "But she has a purse!"

Katie, "Mom, Where is North Mountain?
Emma: "well, if Mom says, go North, then we go north and when we see a mountain there, then it's North Mountain."  Not bad reasoning for a four-year-old

Katie while outside in the sunshine, "Mom! There's a bee upon my head!"  not, on, mind you, UPON!

Katie while inspecting new plant shoots coming up, "Mom! Look the bikinis are up!"  She mean peonies.

Katie when telling a story, "....and they lived happily ever after. Amen"

Katie tattling on Emma, who was pulling up a plant of some sort, "Mom! Emma's wrecking God's creation!"

Emma one morning, "Mom, I want to smell you. Hmmmm, you smell like a Mom."

After a conversation(while I was nursing) about breathing and lungs I took a deep breath and Emma say Eleanor rise and fall on me. She exclaimed, "Mom! Is she sucking air from your lungs?!"

Talking about a field of soybeans and who the field belonged to, Katie says, "They're going to eat ALL those beans!?"

Katie read a sign that said, "All you can eat Perch."  She questioned in disbelief, "All you can eat is Perch?"

The girls were playing with cars and firetrucks and Katie pretending to be the person in need and starts singing, "Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody....."   Yes, that's a Beatles song. Our kids are cultured.

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