Wednesday, August 24, 2016

June & July 2016

June had us still figuring out how life worked with four kids. Balancing meals, bedtime and nursing can be a tricky act. Thankfully Ben wrapped up his four-year term on church council and was around most evenings to do "battle."

Alex started a phase of not wanting to go to bed. Not just a "I'm being two and naughty" but a super sad, clingy just want snuggles phase. It was heartbreaking for the first week and then he figured out how to work the system. Suffice to say when he started to "work it" too much, we had to put our foot, (feet? since it was two of us?) down and put a stop to that.

We enjoyed a lovely piano recital in which Katie played a few pieces. It was fun to see her be shy and nervous when going to perform. She did super well even when she got mixed up. She was thrilled to surprise us with a impromptu duet with her cousin Kara on the organ.

I had a day out at a friends while we live-streamed our annual ladies conference. It was so relaxing to spend the day in a home with friends instead of having to find sitters for our kids and lug our babies two and a half hours to the conference. Plus, we got lots of good chatting in and yummy food too!

We had our annual church Sunday school picnic again. The girls count down for weeks and are SO excited for this every year!

We had our last midwife appointment in June. Always sad to say goodbye to our lovely midwives. They're so sweet and caring and such a blessing during pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

We went to a baby party that a lady from our church throws each year for the babies born in that year. It didn't happen for a few years, so she did a big combined bash. 30+ kids and a whole lot of crazy!

Canada Day was celebrated at my sisters' place in St. Catharines. They moved to a new place so it was fun to see their lovely house and have a delish dinner to boot!

July started with swimming lessons for both girls. They've grown a lot in their comfort in the water, but still need to work on trust. Katie more so has trouble and has to let go of her need of control. Even though she didn't pass her level, she made huge progress in her comfort and ease in the water--so important.

The end of July we went on holidays. I'll try to do a separate post on that, because believe me, it needs one!

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