Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Our Attic has been a three-step renovation starting three years ago in January.

January 2015:We finished the cubby hole for the kids and the small, two-piece bathroom.
January 2016: We tackled the front room and turned it into a guest room and fixed up half of the large open space.
January 2017: We finished the back portion of the attic and the second half of the large open space and the guest room is now our room!

For 10 years the attic has been used as storage, and has stored a lot of junk stuff. But now it's all usable and used space and it felt good to get rid of things that we were keeping just because we had the space to keep it.  Everything got a new coat of paint, and all the dings in the drywall were fixed and new drywall was hung in many places. New windows and new flooring and new lights. The only thing we didn't touch was the ceiling which is that popcorn finish and the carpet. The carpet has water spots and is an ugly colour, but other than it's in really good shape and it would cost too much to replace it right now. Perhaps down the road if we happen to have money laying around... hahahaaaaa!

Here are some befores and afters of the entire project over three years.

This is standing on the second floor looking up to the attic stairs.
Ahh, new carpet! The second floor has all new carpet and we did the hallway and up the stairs as well.

 The walkup.
 The skylight (not shown) is redone with a new window and everything is newly trimmed and painted.
 Looking east into a kitchen/bathroom and "second entrance" which led to the roof. You can kind of see the doorway on the left-hand side of the picture. The window was replaced with a bigger, nicer one. Actually I think it was one of the very first windows we did.
Roughly the same spot. We took out the door and the cupboard and drywalled the crumbly chimney. The "second entrance or exit" was closed and there are now two new windows in it's place. 

 Nice kitchen eh?
Now it's a cozy little spot for reading books and playing lego. 
 And the "bathroom." The back portion where you see all those pipes was made into the little cubbyhole I wrote about in this post.
 Now it's actually a bathroom.

This is standing at the top of the stairs. It didn't look much different before, just older and tired and grosser.

That table on the right is my cutting/work table for my sewing etc. I can sew under the skylight in natural daylight, although at certain times I almost need to wear sunglasses!

Our own private sitting area.

 This is the bedroom before. Isn't that carpet nasty?
After. This is now our master bedroom and we have our own sitting area and bathroom.

Those closet doors lead to a big walkin closet that's tucked in the eaves. It stores totes of kid clothes, seasonal items and a dresser with gifts and gift wrapping.
It's small, but cozy!

It feels amazing to have this floor completely done! For years Ben's tools have been all over the house wherever we were working, but now ALL of them are in the basement where they belong.

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