Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Butterfly Conservatory

For Emma's birthday we went to the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge. It was a very cold, bitter day--the perfect day to spend in a nice warm place!

 This sweetie was pretty content in her carseat for most of the time. That is until her Dad needed to take her out to show her off let her stretch.

 What are you "looking" at?

 They're standing under a small waterfall and trying feel the water. It was "the best."

 They had an extra display in one of the room where you could eat a bug. The girls bravely ate a cricket since I bribed them with candy from the over-priced "bug" candy counter.
 Seriously, can you get more delightful?
 I forget what these are, but they thought they were fun to touch.

 I love these multi-coloured leaves.

I waited a long time for him to open his wings. It was worth it.

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