Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eleanor is one!

My baby is one. This year has flown by. Will someone please tell me where the pause button is?

Some notes about Eleanor:
Poor girl has so little documented so far, sorry fourth-born
  • She has three teeth and is working on her fourth up on the top
  • She is such a laidback baby and super easy going
  • Until she was 9ish months she rarely cried. I mean rarely. 
  • She has a temper
  • She is offended easily if you tell her no
  • She knows where the big crumbs are under the table after Alex is done eating
  • She is up on her knees rocking back and forth but still army crawls everywhere
  • She is starting to pull up onto things that are about the height of a step
  • She has adorable giggles
  • She is in 12 months clothes, but 0-6 mo slippers. She has tiny feet!
  • She got her ears pierced for her birthday and isn't bothered by them at all
  • She naps for at least two hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. 
  • She sleeps 7pm-7am
  • She can say lots of words: mama, dada, Aaaaaak for Alex, Kaaaak for Katie, bye, hi, and her latest adorable is peek-a-boo. Sounds like peeegaboo. So cute
  • She loves games and clapping her hands
  • She is down to one bottle in the morning and drinks out of a sippy cup for her meals and snacks
  • She is starting to play shy and gives the most delightful snuggles
  • She is so loved by everyone
  • She LOVES Alex and is thrilled with any attention he gives her.  
  • She is a delight and never fails to get a smile from anyone.

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